Where to Find Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

Are you trying to level up your potions but need Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4? Crushed Beast Bones are essential when upgrading your potions with the Alchemist. Beginning with the Level 4 Portion, you will require Crushed Beast Bones. However, these resources are relatively rare, with a very low drop rate. You can’t progress and increase your Healing Potion level without them. Don’t worry; this guide will help you learn where to find Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4, so keep reading.

Finding Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4

Crushed Beast Bones Location in Diablo 4
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Crushed Beast Bones have some of the lowest drop rates among Diablo 4 crafting materials. While they are still possible to obtain, the process is rarely easy–until now, that is. If you examine some Crushed Beast bones, you will find that they are often obtained by killing enemies like werecreatures, which can mean mangy hounds or lycans. However, there is an easier way to do it that might just blow your mind.

If you head over to the Under the Fat Goose Inn Waypoint, you will be very close. Looking at the map above, head to the location that is marked off to the East of the Waypoint. This is where you will find what you are looking for.

Gaspian Stilbian
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

When you arrive, you will find Gaspar Stilbian, an Elite enemy. He will be scaled to whatever level you are, but he is relatively easy to take down. With a couple of stuns and some hard-hitting blows, he’ll be down in no time. Take out Gaspar Stilbian to uncover a broken way to obtain Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4.

Every time that Gaspar Stilbian dies, he will drop quite a bit of loot in addition to five Crushed Beast Bones. This is likely the easiest way to farm Crushed Beast Bones in Diablo 4, and they are a guaranteed drop every time you defeat the Elite enemy. In addition, Gaspian respawns very quickly, meaning you can collect anywhere from 150 to 300 Crushed Beast Bones per hour.

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