How to Complete Menestad Coffers in Diablo 4

Menestad Coffers Side Quest in Diablo 4

Are you new to Diablo 4 and want to get into completing side quests, like Menestad Coffers? This is the guide for you. This guide will cover every step of the side quest and walk you through to completion. This quest will begin in Kyovashad, where you will speak to Kudomyla, the Tithe Collector in Diablo 4. Kudomyla wishes you to collect the Tithings that a monk was supposed to bring, but he never showed up. Read along with this guide to learn how to complete Menestad Coffers in Diablo 4.

Completing Menestad Coffers in Diablo 4

Kudomyla, Tithe Collector in Diablo 4
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

First, you’ll need to head into Kyovashad, Diablo 4‘s first big city, to talk to Kudomyla. Kudomyla is a Tithe Collector who seems to be distraught. Approach her and speak with her. Choose the “You seem concerned” option when prompted. She immediately complains that Bozan must still return from delivering their Tithing Demands in Menestad. While this may not seem like much cause for concern, it’s enough for a side quest! Since “the Cathedral must receive its dues,” Kudomyla asks you to sweep the roads to Menestad to search for Monk Bozan.

Investigate the Road to Menestad to find Monk Bozan for Kudomyla in Diablo 4
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Head out of Kyovashad to the North and begin searching for Monk Bozan. Once you locate Bozan, you must ask him why he has yet to return with the Tithe Demands. Use the “Are you Bozan the Monk?” option when prompted. Bozan will explain that his guard turned on him and tried to kill him. His only choice was to jump off the cliff or die at his guard’s hand. Bozan asks you to take the Tithing Demans to Talgun, the Merchant Lord in Menestad.

Collect Tithing Demands in Menestad Coffers, Diablo 4
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

You will find the Thithing Demands in a Strongbox directly to the East of Bozan. Once you collect them, it’s time to go to Menestad. You will find the Town of Menestad to the East of where Bozan sits. Travel there and begin to look for Talgun, the Merchant Lord of Menestad.

Deliver the tithing demands to Talon, Merchant Lord
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

When you arrive in Menestad, it’s time to Deliver the tithing Demands to Taglun, the Merchant Lord. He can be found in the town center, just East of the Menestad Waypoint. Talgun will tell you how grateful he is that you delivered the Tithing Demands. He will excuse himself to make the necessary arrangements, completing the Menestad Coffers side quest in Diablo 4.

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