Grounded: How to Get Sunken Bones

Grounded: How to Get Sunken Bones

After two long years, Grounded finally made its full release onto our gaming systems, and with it, we’ve gained loads of new content such as resources like sunken bones. Sunken bones are a rare resource that can help you build some really cool gear and weapons in Grounded. Though, it won’t be too easy to get ahold of them regardless of their importance, simply because of how rare they are. Keep reading below to learn how to get sunken bones in Grounded.

What are Sunken Bones in Grounded?

Sunken bones are an important resource that you will need in order to craft gear and weapons. They are primarily used in the crafting of underwater gear and weapons. Having gear and weapons that can be used underwater is super important, as you can’t explore certain areas such as the Pond Depths, Flooded Zone, or Koi Pond without them.

Grounded Sunken Bones
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What Are Sunken Bones Used for in Grounded?

The following weapons can be crafted at a workbench:

  • Rusty Spear – A tier 3 weapons that can cause an infection debuff on enemies, as well as reuse enemy speed. The recipe can be found by analyzing rust and reaching a Brainpower Level of 14.
  • Bone Dagger – The upgraded version of the Pebblet Dagger. The Bone Dagger is used for harvesting underwater soggy roots, and is very strong against enemies like the Diving Bell Spider. The recipe can be found by analyzing a Diving Bell Spider Chunk, and costs 2 sunken bones to fully repair.
  • Bone Trident – A tier 2 weapon that has a very high attack speed and inflicts stun on impact. The recipe can be unlocked by analyzing a Diving Bell Spider Chunk, and costs 2 sunken Bones to fully repair.

The following armor types can be crafted at a workbench as well:

  • Koi Scale Chestplate and Greaves – Light armor type that increases the timing window for getting a perfect block, as well as increasing the stun damage after a perfect block.
  • Bubble Helmet – This helmet adds 80 seconds to your oxygen meter and increases your stamina regeneration rate.

Where to Find Sunken Bones in Grounded

To find sunken bones, you will have to take to the water. If you look around the Koi Pond, you can see them sticking out of the ground, somewhat like teeth. You’ll have to dig them up using as acorn shovel.

However, there is also a chance to find sunken bones within buried treasure in the Sandbox biome, in the Southwest corner of the backyard.

Additionally, you can find them from a piece of buried treasure in the BBQ Spill biome, in the Northern portion of the map.

While exploring to find yourself some sunken bones in Grounded, be sure to be careful, as all the locations they can be found are dangerous! Good luck!

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