How to Complete The Beast’s Challenge in Diablo 4

The Beast's Challenge Side Quest in Diablo 4

When you visit the Bear Tribe Refuge in Diablo 4‘s Fractured Peaks, you’ll see a few side quests to complete, including The Beast’s Challenge. The Beast’s Challenge is a side quest given by Greganoch, who can be found in the Western portion of the Bear Tribe Refuge near the Waypoint. Graganoch, the Bear Tribe Warrior, will tell you about the pile of trophies standing behind him, though there is one still missing that you must collect for him. Read below to learn how to complete The Beast’s Challenge in Diablo 4

Completing The Beast’s Challenge in Diablo 4

Speak to Greganoch in Diablo 4 The Beast's Challenge
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

The first thing you’ll do is head to the Bear Tribe Refuge. From there, head directly West of the Waypoint to Greganoch. When you approach and interact with him, use the “Tell me of the trophies behind you” option. He will then tell you about the many skulls piled up. They are in place to honor the ancients and guide their wisdom to the people of the Bear Tribe. However, Greganoch is upset thinking about the one space that awaits one particular skull, a goatman named Kauller the Collector.

Find Kauller the Collector in The Beast's Challenge
Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Greganoch will quickly send you to seek out Kauller the Collector and return his skull. The location where you will find Kauller is a short walk to the North from the Bear Tribe Refuge. Now, head North to find Kauller, the Collector for Greganoch.

Source: Diablo 4 (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

When you arrive, it will be easy to find the massive goatman. Kauller, the Collector, will be waiting for you near the Northwestern portion of the Highlighted area on the map. Watch out for Phantoms, Wraiths, and Skeletons in your search for Kauller. Kauller will be to the Northeast of the Healing Well. Once you arrive, it’s time to defeat Kauller, the Collector. Once he’s finally taken down, pick up Head of Kauller and take it back to Greganoch to complete the Side quest The Beast’s Challenge in Diablo 4

Video Walkthrough

Source: The Gaming Cavern (YouTube)

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