How to Complete the Cottage Construction Quest in Fae Farm

How To Complete Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm

After you finish Tidying up, it’s time to start the Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm. The Tidying Up quest does a great job of teaching us how to use our new tools, but the Cottage Construction quest will teach us some equally valuable skills. Now that we’ve got the hang of cleaning up our farm and collecting resources, we must have something to do with those resources, right? That’s where the Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm comes into play. It teaches us how to craft and place decorations and furniture into our new homes. 

How to Start the Cottage Construction Quest in Fae Farm

Cottage Construction Quest in Fae Farm Goals
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You can pick up the Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm by speaking to Merritt, the mayor of Azoria. She will tell you that you can now use some of the resources you collected in the previous quest to build decorations and furniture for your new home. To begin the cottage Construction quest, you must complete the Tidying Up and Moving In quests. 

The Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm features a straightforward goal, so the completion time for this one is short. To complete Cottage Construction, you must:

  • Craft and place a round woven stool inside of your home.

Completing the Cottage Construction Quest

Cottage Construction building menu in Fae Farm
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First, you must head inside your new home. You can enter your cottage by walking up to the door and through it. Once you’re inside, access the crafting menu by using the prompted button at the bottom of your screen. Once inside the Construction menu, you can begin the Cottage Crafting quest in Fae Farm

At this point, there will only be one item available to craft: The Round Woven Stool. To craft the Round Woven Stool, you need to have the following resources:

  • 10x Plant Fibers

Select the Round Woven Stool in your Construction menu by pressing the A button on Nintendo Switch consoles. This action will bring you to the placement portion of the quest. By moving your cursor around, you can choose the location you want your Round Woven Stool to be placed, then select the A button to craft it and place it in your cottage. Once you’ve finished placing your new furniture, return to Merritt to complete the Cottage Construction quest in Fae Farm

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