Does Fae Farm Have Crossplay? Explained

Is Fae Farm Crossplay?

While it’s an excellent option for anyone wanting to play a relaxing game with friends, knowing if Fae Farm crossplay exists is essential. With the game’s available on three different platforms, knowing if you can play with friends who have it on another platform makes things easier. While creating your own tiny, cozy home and working the farms on your land, it’s always great to bond with friends. Luckily, Fae Farm does have crossplay, and you can play with your friends no matter the platform they play on. 

Fae Farm Crossplay – How Does it Work?

Fae Farm Crossplay Competitive Options
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Fae Farm allows anyone to play with friends, regardless of their platform. Currently, the game is available on three platforms. You can get the game on:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Steam on PC
  • Epic Games Store on PC

Each of these platforms allows for multiplayer within itself, or multiplayer with other platforms. That said, if you play on Nintendo Switch, you can play with friends who have purchased Fae Farm on Pc through the Epic Games Store or Steam. Additionally, if you have purchased the game through the Epic Games Store or Steam, you can still play with friends who purchased the game on Nintendo Switch. 

Phoenix Labs talked about the Crossplay feature for Fae Farm in a live stream. With the Crossplay feature, you can play with up to three friends and run your farm as a co-op operation rather than as a single player, regardless of your platform. However, whenever you play with friends, there won’t be any competitive play involved, as there are no head-to-head multiplayer modes available at this time. You will all share money, a farm, and resources if you choose. 

However, if you would like to add a bit of competition between you and your friends, there are still options. While there are no official ways to do this through settings, you can easily set specific challenges for you and your friends. A quick example would be a challenge that states: Whoever collects the most of a single resource in this amount of time wins. It allows you the chance to be creative with your co-op play, which is always encouraged! 

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