Vampire Survivors Cherry Bomb Evolution

What is the Evolution of the Cherry Bomb in Vampire Survivors?  The Cherry Bomb weapon launches projectiles the have the ability to bounce off walls and monsters with a chance of creating an explosion.  It’s well worth getting this weapon and leveling it up.  Let me walk you through the steps to acquire the Cherry Bomb weapon in Vampire Survivors, and what you need to accomplish before you can evolve the Cherry Bomb into a powerful weapon that can cause a lot of damage.

Cherry Bomb Evolution in Vampire Survivors

Chaos Rosalia
Source: Vampire Survivors (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Defeat Monsters:

In order to get the Cherry Bomb, you need to reach level 20 in the Mad Forest and unlock the Inlaid Library.  Once you have accomplished this, you will need to head to the Inlaid Library and defeat 3000 Lionhead monsters.  It may seem like a lot to defeat, but it won’t take long to get to 3000.  The Lionhead monster is just that, a Lionhead without a body.  It has arms that propel around its head much like the blades of a fan.  After 3000 Lionheads are defeated, you will unlock the Yatta Cavallo character with the base weapon that is the Cherry Bomb.  You may also unlock Yatta Cavallo by finding the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane.  Once found you can enter the spell “Yattapanda” and this will unlock Yatta Cavallo the bear.  Level the Cherry Bomb weapon up to max level.  Then every 20 levels you gain additional projectiles.

Chaos Rosalia Relic:

Once you have Cavallo and have reached level 80 it’s time to find the Chaos Rosalia relic to Evolve your Cherry Bomb weapon which brings you +100 max health, +2 Armor, more luck, and of course a better chance at 100% Explosions!  To start, you will need to go to the Astral Stair Stage.  If you take the center path you will find the Astral Stair Map in the center of this area.  Go back to where you started and take the door to the left.  keep going and take the door to the left again.  You will find the Chaos Rosalia Relic there.  Once you have accomplished all this Yatta Cavallo will Morph and the Cherry Bomb will Evolve into Yatta Daikarin.  Don’t forget to pick up other items while in the Astral Stair Stage, like the Cosmic Finger while you are there.

Yatta Daikarin:

Once evolved to from the Cherry Bomb to Yatta Daikarin, you will throw a bomb that explodes and creates a star constellation.  All the star particles explode to make a very powerful weapon.

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