Loop Hero Necromancer Guide

Loop Hero Necromancer Guide

As you play through Loop Hero, you will unlock different classes, like the Necromancer that this guide features. The Necromancer is the third class that will be available to you after Warrior and Rogue. However, the playstyle of the Necromancer is just a bit different and may cause some confusion. To begin with, you will no longer be able to use shields or armor, and you will use summoned skeletons to fight for you. You will run into battle wielding a Grimoire, two Rings, and an Amulet. Read on below to learn more about Necromancers in Loop Hero. 

How to Play Necromancer in Loop Hero

Necromancer Gameplay
Source: Loop Hero (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

There are a few things you’ll need to keep an eye out for when building up your Necromancer’s gear. First, you’ll want to focus on the amount of Skeletons you can summon. When you first start out, if you find a piece of gear that gives you +1 Max Skeletons, you should use it right away. Aside from your Max Skeletons, you’ll want to focus on Summon Quality, Skeleton Level, and Attack Speed. Attack Speed increases the rate at which you summon Skeletons, rather than the attacks of your Skeletons. Summon Quality determines the type of Skeleton you summon, and Skeleton Level helps to summon in stronger Skeletons to help you in battle.

Loop Hero Necromancer Gear

The gear that you use as a Necromancer will vary dramatically from that of a Warrior or even a Rogue, which you’ve likely used up to this point. While you would have used knives, swords, armor, and shields for your other class builds, this one will not use any of those. Instead, you will only be able to use one Grimoire, 1 Amulet, and two Rings. Your Amulet will help to determine how much health you have, while your Rings and Grimoire determine the majority of your fighting stats.

Necromancer’s Skeleton Types and Summon Quality

Loop Hero Necromancer Skeleton Summon Quality
Source: Loop Hero (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

There are five different types of Skeletons that you can summon into battle. Which Skeleton is summoned in relies solely on your Summon Quality. The higher your Summon Quality is, the bigger chance you have of summoning a stronger Skeleton. First, you have Friendly Skeletons, then Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Guards, and finally Skeleton Archers, and Skeleton Mages. The highest tier Skeletons are Skeleton Mages and the lowest are Friendly Skeletons.

How to Build your Necromancer Deck

Since increasing Attack Speed is almost necessary, you should be building up your deck with plenty of Forest, Thicket, and River Cards. The Forest cards will each increase your Attack Speed by 1%, while the Thickets will increase it by 2%, and the River will double the effects of both. Adding in some Desert and Sand Dune cards can also be beneficial, as they lower your enemies’ HP.

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