How to Complete the Gone Fishin’ Quest in Fae Farm

Gone Fishin' Quest in Fae Farm

Since the Gone Fishin’ Quest is in Chapter One of Fae Farm, it’s safe to assume that it provides some tutorial. Gone Fishin’ is given to you by Eddy the Mariner, Azoria’s resident fisherman. The Gone Fishin’ quest teaches you how to go fishing in the game and rewards you with your own fishing pole to use as you please. You’ll only need to catch one fish for this quest, which will be pretty straightforward. Are you ready to learn how to complete the Gone Fishin’ quest in Fae Farm? Let’s try it out. 

Fae Farm: Gone Fishin’ Quest Guide

Gone Fishin' Quest Details in Fae Farm
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“The waters in and around Azoria are teeming with fish. Earn this old salt’s respect by reeling in a catch.”

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Since the Gone Fishin’ quest is a part of Fae Farm‘s Chapter One, the only requirement for it is to complete the previous quest in the chapter, Meeting the Neighbors. Additionally, there is only one simple goal for the quest:

  • Catch a fish.

To begin, speak with Eddy the Mariner. He will show you the ropes and tell you where to begin. He will tell you to go fishing and come back to tell him about it.

Catch a Fish in the Gone Fishin' Quest
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Head out to the nearest edge of the docks to be near the water. Using your fishing pole, which you can switch to by using the L and R buttons on your Nintendo Switch, cast your line out into the water. This can be done by aiming with your Right Stick and charging up your cast by holding down the A button. This allows you to choose where your line will fall. Try to aim for an area near a fish. Otherwise, you can be waiting for quite some time.

Gone Fishin' quest Salmon
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Once a fish bites, you can reel in your line by holding down the A button. However, the fish will fight, and any time your line turns red, you must relax the line so that the fish doesn’t break it. To relax, simply release the A button until the line turns white again and begin reading in your fish again. Repeat this process several times until you catch your first fish.

Once you’ve caught your fish, head back to Eddy the Mariner to complete the Gone Fishin’ Quest in Fae Farm.

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