How to Carry More Items in Final Fantasy 16

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Have you noticed that you need to be able to carry more items in Final Fantasy 16 with Potion Satchels? Sometimes it can be annoying that you can’t just hold 99 items in your inventory like you could in the previous games in the franchise. However, this time around, you can only carry a few things at a time. Though, that won’t do, not when Clive will be forced to auto-use items if his inventory is full. Read below to learn how to carry more items in Final Fantasy 16 using Potion Satchels.

Carrying More Items in Final Fantasy 16

Like in most combat-heavy games, you will likely have to use several healing potions. Since Clive can only carry a few items at a time within the game, healing isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Luckily, there are a couple of items that can help with this. 

To begin with, Clive can only hole two Strength Tonics, two Stoneskin Tonics, three High Potions, and four other Portions. Starting, this will be manageable, but once you progress in the game further, you’ll need to increase your carrying space. Before carrying more items in Final Fantasy 16, you must get the Treated Potion Satchel and the Expanded Potion Satchel.

How to Get the Treated Potion Satchel in Final Fantasy 16

You can get the Treated Potion Satchel by completing a side quest called Weird Science. However, you can only begin the side quest once you have completed Letting Off Steam 3, which is one of the main quests in Final Fantasy 16

During Weird Science, Clive will find the Bomb King, put him in his place, and deliver its ashes back to Owain the Engineer. Clive will receive a Treated Potion Satchel and a Black Hood upon completion. 

With the Treated Potion Satchel, Clive’s inventory space will increase. He will not be able to hold three Strength Tonics, three Stoneskin Tonics, four High Potions, and six Potions. 

How to Get the Expanded Potion Satchel in Final Fantasy 16

If you need more inventory space after your increase with the Treated Potion Satchel, you’ll also need the Expanded Potion Satchel. However, obtaining the Expanded Potion Satchel will require you to complete another side quest. The side quest this time is a continuation of Weird Science called Even Weirder Science. You can gain access to Even Weirder Science during the Across the Narrow main quest in Final Fantasy 16

During Even Weirder Science, you must head to three places and collect a Spherical Echo at each location. Once you collect all three Spherical Echoes, please return them to Owain the Engineer and obtain the Expanded Potion Satchel and a single Goblin Coin. 

The Expanded Potion Satchel will increase Clive’s inventory space to hold four Strength Tonics, four Stoneskin Tonics, five High Potions, and eight Potions. 

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