How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16

Despite the many changes made in Final Fantasy 16, there are still some familiarities, like how to level up fast. The systems used to level up in the previous Final Fantasy games are still quite similar to those in the franchise’s latest title. Leveling is the same, but the ways that can level you up the fastest may be a bit different, which is what we’re going to discuss today.

Leveling Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16

There are three ways that you can gain Experience Points in the game that will push you ahead of everybody else in terms of leveling.

  • Side Quests
  • Wages of Warcraft
  • Hunts


Completing Hunts are one of the best ways to level up in Final Fantasy 16. Hunts provide loads of experience, almost 10 times as much as you would get from any other battle. Additionally, the more you play through the game, the better the XP rewards will be that you will obtain from Hunts.

Participating in Hunts is rather easy. Any time you are in the Hideaway, you can open you map to look for the Hunt Board. If the Hunt Board icon has a gold circle near it, that mean’s there are available Hunts currently.

Wages of Warcraft

Upon reaching Hideaway #2, you will have access to a new accessory, The Wages of Warcraft. This accessory, among two others, can be considered some of the best that you will get access to throughout the game.

The Wages of Warcraft allows you to increase the base amount on Experience Points you gain from every ordinary battle, which can make you level up way faster than you normally would.

However, since it will take up one of your accessory slots, it’s smart to save this for when you head into areas with a lot of combat where you will expect to take on many enemies.

Side Quests

As with any game, side quests are a great way to gain some extra experience without having to complete in epic battles and take on new campaign bosses. However, they don’t always grant experience. While this may not be the best way to get extra experience, it can’t hurt at all, and will only grant more than you would have earned without completing side quests.

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