Halls of Torment – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Halls of Torment is a relative new game that gives strong roguelike and bullet hell vibes. The game is very similar to both Vampire Survivors and Brotato in terms on gameplay, but with some added twists and quests. The game is difficult, and it’ll take some serious willpower to make it through each location within the game, especially if you are a beginner. Though, we can help with this beginners guide of tips and tricks for new Halls of Torment players.

Tips and Tricks for Halls of Torment

Halls of Torment Beginner Tips and Tricks
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern
  • Speed, I am Speed
    • Movement Speed is extremely important within the game. The faster you can be, the less enemies will be able to lower your health.
  • Swing like you mean it
    • Attack Speed is nearly as important as Movement Speed is. Once you get close to enemies, every second that you have to wait in between attacks in another moment where enemies can get closer and attack you!
  • Quests are OP
    • No, really. They are OP. The more missions and quests that you do, the more things you will unlock in-game making it way easier to complete runs and survive for much longer.
  • Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
    • Make sure you are always on the go. Stopping for even a moment can be a quick means to your demise.
  • Kiting is a must
    • Group the heck out of your enemies. You have a much better chance of survival if you are keeping your enemies together in a large group and not being attacked from every angle.
  • Scrolls, dude. Scrolls.
    • If you see a scroll that can be interacted with, you have better be trying to use it. Scrolls give you special abilities that can easily make or break a run through a difficult location.

Halls of Torment is available on PC.

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