All Vampire Survivors Secrets and Unlocks

All Secrets and Unlocks in Vampire Survivors

Did you know that the Secrets menu in Vampire Survivors allows you to input cheat codes to unlock things in the game early? We didn’t either at first. However, the more you look into it, the more intriguing it looks and sounds. As cool as it is, you still need to know each of the codes and how to use them. This guide will explain what codes to use, how to use them, and even what they unlock. Read on below to learn about all Secrets and unlocks in Vampire Survivors.

All Vampire Survivors Secrets and Unlocks

KissMeFollow the trail after pillaging Pummarola and Skull O’Maniac from the Mad Forest.Boon Marrabbio
MaFaiPianoooIt is tangible only in the inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.Avatar Internas
CheeseAccidentDeal with the consequence of stealing cheese from the Dairy Plant.Minnah Mannarah
BringMeBackThereInvestigate the bottom of Gallo Tower.Leda
PureHeartWith a pure heart and two good friends, visit the fiery balcony in Cappella Magna.Cosmo Pavone
BeAGoodBoyBe a good boy in Il Molise.Peppino
Master16Run away from Moongolow with all 16 accessories mastered.Big Trouser
EdgeOfTheWorldWith the most adverse fate in Green Acres, run off the edge of the world. Missing N
SlumsFlowersFind the only one place where flowers bloom in The Bone Zone.Gains Boros
BossRashBossSurvive the Boss Rash with just one weapon. Gyorunton
KillTheReapaSettle the score with the Reaper.Mask of the Red Death
CastThiefSpellCast the spell x-x1viiqExdash Exiviiq
UppercutReaperUppercut a non-red Reaper.Toastie
SpamSpamSpamSometimes you just need to ask for help.Smith IV
UnderTheCoffinLook under previously owned coffins.Random
HearTheThunderDiscover the source of the roaring thunder on the Tiny Bridge.Scorej-Oni

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