How to Unlock the Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

Within Vampire Survivors‘ Update 1.5, we were given the option to play the Astral Stair stage for free finally. Though, unlocking it requires you to reach a high level in a different stage, making it pretty difficult to unlock. You will shortly find that unlocking the stage is even easier than playing the stage. While it may seem simple, you must understand how to build your characters just right so that you can complete the prerequisites and unlock the new stage. Below you will learn how to unlock the Astral Stair stage in Vampire Survivors.

Unlocking the Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

Astral Stair Unlocked in Vampire Survivors
Source: Vampire Survivors (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Unlocking the Astral Stair Stage doesn’t have too many requirements, but they aren’t the easiest to achieve. First, you will have to have the Inlaid Library unlocked. The Inlaid Library is one of the first few stages that you unlock, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. Though, you have to play Inlaid Library in Inverse mode. You can unlock Inverse mode by collecting the relics within the Eudaimonia M stage. Though, if you don’t feel like grinding for all relics in order to gain access to the required stages, you can use cheat codes in the Secrets menu.

Once you’ve got Inverse mode unlocked for the Inlaid Library stage, you must make it all the way to Level 80 in the Inlaid Library stage on Inverse mode. This will require a strong character, likely one that you’ve put a few Golden Eggs into to increase their innate stats and skills. Completing any stage in Inverse mode is quite a bit more challenging than the original version of the stage, so be sure to have your best character in tow to carry you through the stage.

Once you reach level 80 in the stage, you will unlock the Astral Stair stage and gain access to all its wonders. Though, you should be prepared when heading into the Astral Stair stage, and it is very difficult and had random events that can happen to slow you down or help you. After this, the Astral Stair stage will automatically be added to your stage list and you are free to play it anytime you please.

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