How to Get Concetta in Vampire Survivors

How to Get Concetta in Vampire Survivors

Unlocking Concetta in Vampire Survivors can easily put you ahead in the game. Concetta is relatively easy to unlock once you reach the required stage and can survive for long periods of time. Out of the 30+ characters that you can play as within Vampire Survivors, Concetta Caciotta is one of our favorites with her electrifying guitar weapon and wicked hairstyle. Below, you will learn all about how to get Concetta in Vampire Survivors and everything there is to know about the character.

Who is Concetta Caciotta in Vampire Survivors?

Concetta Caciotta in Vampire Survivors
Source: Vampire Survivors (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

Concetta is one of the easier characters to obtain that can be found within a coffin. Though, there are several others aside from her including Giovanna, Poppea, and Pugnala among others.

Concetta comes into play with a whopping +20% Movement Speed bonus in addition to +10% Curse. Though, Concetta also has +1% Range as well. Concetta wields the Shadow Pinion weapon. Shadow Pinion is something new compared to everything we’ve seen this far, and is definitely an overpowered weapon.

How to Get Concetta Caciotta

To unlock Concetta, you will have to locate a coffin in the Gallo Tower stage. However, this coffin won’t be so easy to find. It is hidden behind a secret doorway disguised as a mirror. Once you locate the mirror on the left-hand side of the corridor within Gallo Tower, you can walk right up to it as if it’s a door and you will be able to teleport into the room behind it. Within the room you will have to defeat a decent amount of enemies before the coffin will open up, revealing Concetta Caciotta.

If you have the Milky Way Map unlocked, finding the coffin is simple. You can find the Milky Way Map hiddin within the Dairy Plant stage. Once you have it, the coffin will be displayed on the map and a question mark symbol.

Once you have Concetta Caciotta unlocked within the game, you will still have to pay 2,800 Gold in order to play with her. However, this is a cheap price to pay for the awesome power that Concetta brings to the table.

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