How to Get Chthonic Keys in Hades

Chthonic Keys in Hades

Chthonic Keys are a type of currency in Hades. While they don’t appear often, it’s important to grab them any chance you get since they are one of the few resources that you are able to keep after you die. Chthonic Keys can be used with the Wretched Broker and at the Mirror of Night, both in entirely different ways.

Where to Find Chthonic Keys in Hades

How to Get Chthonic Keys in Hades
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There are a few different ways that you can get Chthonic Keys within the rage-inducing bullet hell that is Hades. The first and most often used way to get them is by completing rooms to get specific Room Rewards. Oftentimes, you can gain various rewards by completing rooms, one of which is Chthonic Keys. Though, they don’t spawn very often that way.

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Another way to get Chthonic Keys in Hades is by renovating the House of Hades. After a while, you will gain access to the House Contractor, who will provide you with achievements to complete. Some of these achievements will grant Zagreus some Chthonic Keys.

Finally, you can get Chthonic Keys as rewards for Fishing. After you’ve cleared certain rooms, there are areas where you can fish in them after you’ve purchased a fishing rod from the House Contractor. After you’ve caught some fish, take them to the Head Chef, who will often give you rewards of varying degrees, which sometimes include keys.

How To Use Chthonic Keys in Hades

Using keys in Hades is actually pretty simple. There are two main ways to go about doing it. First, you can head to the Mirror of Night that can be found within Zagreus’ room. From there, you can reset any of your prior purchases and return your currencies to respec the mirror.

Another way to use keys is to head into the lounge and look for the Wretched Broker. The Wretched Broker will trade Chthonic Keys with you in exchange for other items.

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Hades is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles.

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