How to Become a Vet in BitLife

How to Become a Vet in BitLife

If you love animals along with all things furry and cute, why not become a vet in BitLife? The opportunities within the game are endless, so it only makes sense to follow your dreams! Becoming a vet requires some smarts, a positive attitude and just a little bit of luck. Let’s learn how to become a vet in BitLife below!

Become a Vet in BitLife

Become a Vet in BitLife
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There are some steps in this process that absolutely must be followed, but don’t worry; it’s not too difficult! To begin with, if you have God Mode purchased, you should start a new life. From the character creation menu, be sure to boost up your character’s Smarts stat, and possibly even their Happiness and Willpower stats as well!

Once you’ve got your super brainy character, age them up and make sure they do well in school. You can study harder by visiting the Education tab at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then scroll down until you see “Study Harder.”

Here’s where things get interesting. Once you graduate high school, there are still a couple more steps you need to take before you can become a vet in BitLife. First, you’ll need to go to University and major in either Biology or Chemistry. Either of these is fine, but you absolutely need to major in at least one of them, otherwise you won’t qualify for Veterinary School.

Once you finally graduate from University with fantastic grades, it’s time to look into enrolling in Veterinary School. Head over to the Occupation tab again on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and choose the Education option. From there, scroll all the way down to the bottom until you find the option that reads: Veterinary School. Apply to the school, then make sure you Study Harder as much as you an to become a vet in BitLife.

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Once you graduate from Veterinary School, it’s as simple as heading into the Occupations tab and searching through the available job listings. Find one that either says Veterinarian or Jr. Veterinarian and apply, then attend the interview! After this you will become a vet in BitLife.

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