BitLife: How to Become a Marriage Counselor

How to become a Marriage Counselor in BitLife

Since the new Snake in the Grass Challenge dropped, loads of players have been wondering how you are supposed to become a marriage counselor in BitLife. You’re in luck today, as I’m going to explain exactly how to do it.

Becoming a marriage counselor is one of the tasks required to complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass challenge, and one that many players don’t fully know how to complete. In this article, I’ll go in-depth on how to become a marriage counselor in BitLife.

BitLife: Marriage Counselor
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BitLife: How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge

BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge: Become a Marriage Counselor

However simple BitLife seems, it’s actually got quite a bit of depth to it, and it poses a challenge for most players. You essentially have to juggle all the aspects of real life in a game, whether it be mental health, physical health, happiness, or anything else. It all comes into play in BitLife.

The steps to becoming a marriage counselor in BitLife are:

  • Get a degree in Psychology or Counseling
    • Make sure you pay attention in school, as you’ll have to get high grades so that you will can be accepted into University.
  • Look through the full-time job listings
    • After you graduate from University, you need to find yourself a job in the field.
  • Apply for an interview!
    • The higher grades you got in school, the more likely you are to pass an interview and get the job you’re looking for!
  • Start working as a full time marriage counselor!

That’s all you have to do, and hopefully you are able to become a marriage counselor in BitLife!

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