How to Become a Judge in BitLife

How to Become a Judge in BitLife

Learning how to become a judge in BitLife can take some time. You’ll have to go through school and get quite a few raises first. However, the process is simple even though it’s rather time-consuming. However, it is, of course, very worth it! Working as a lawyer, and even a Judge in BitLife can pay quite well, and you’ll be able to leave your kiddos with a nice sum of cash when. you pass away. Are you ready to learn how to become a judge in BitLife? We sure hope so!

How to Get the Judge Job in BitLife

How to Be a BitLife Judge
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First, you should start out with a character that has relatively high Smarts. From there, you should get the best grades possible throughout school. While you are in High School you can increase your grades by studying harder. To do this, you should head to the Education tab and the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and choose your high school. Scroll down the the bottom of the page and choose the option that says: Study Harder. Continue this throughout high school.

Once you graduate, it’s time to go to college. First, you should go to University under the Criminal Justice major. Follow the same steps to get good grades, then head back into the Education tab to start on Law School. Once you start Law School, you should ensure that your grades are the best once again. However, by this point, your Smarts stat should be just about maxed, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Becoming a judge in BitLife isn’t too far off now!

Once you graduate University and Law School, you should go back to the Occupations tab that was once the Education tab. You’ll need to start out as a lawyer, so start off with a Junior Associate job. Once you’ve gotten the job, you just have to work for 30 years. After you’ve got the necessary experience, quit your job and apply to be a Magistrate!

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Now, after you’ve made your way to the Lawyer job, you just need to make your way up through the ranks in the job. Every single year, make sure you head into the Occupations tab and select your job. From there, scroll down until you see the “Work Harder” option and choose it. After some time you will begin to get regular raises, and even promotions! Keep working on those promotions until you’ve worked for 30 years and you can become a Judge in BitLife.

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