Best Mage Build in Brotato

Best Mage Build in Brotato

Finding the best build for a Mage in Brotato may be challenging. In our opinion, the Mage is one of the more complex characters to run in Brotato. Not only is it relatively slow, but you are very limited in what weapons you can use, making it hard to get the items and weapons you need on time. Though we’ve finally discovered the secret to running the Mage in Brotato, we’re here to share the best Mage build with you!

Best Mage Build

Best Mage Build items in Brotato
Source: Brotato (Screenshot by The Gaming Cavern)

When building a Mage in Brotato, you should primarily focus on Elemental DamageMax HP, and % Damage. There are loads of items that you can find throughout the game that will help to increase each of these states. Though first, we should take a look at the Mage character:

  • +5 Elemental Damage
  • Element Damage modifications are increased by 33%
  • You start with 1x Snake
  • You start with 1x Scared Sausage
  • -100 Ranged Damage
  • -100 Melee Damage
  • -100 Engineering

If you look through the character’s attributes, it’s obvious why you should focus on Elemental Damage, Max HP, and % Damage. Elemental Damage modifications are significantly increased, so any Elemental Damage added to your character will be 33% higher than usual. Additionally, you don’t do much damage for range and melee and have negative Engineering, so adding extra % Damage will still allow you to deal some pretty heavy hits. 

When you take on the Mage as a character in Brotato, you’ll want to use the Wand for your weapons in all six slots. The Wand deals loads of Elemental Damage, so any Elemental Damage modifications will make your weapons overpowered. Additionally, Wands deal burning damage, so not only will you hit hard on impact, but there will also be a lasting effect that lowers your enemies’ health. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the items you should be purchasing and using throughout your run with the best Mage build in Brotato:

  • 1x Warrior Helmet
  • 1x Fuel Tank
  • 1x Tree
  • 1x Alien Magic
  • 1x Shmoop
  • 1x Little Muscley Dude
  • 2x Alien Worm
  • 1x Little Frog
  • 1x Acid
  • 3x Medal
  • 1x Glass Cannon
  • 1x Piggy Bank
  • 1x Missile
  • 1x Mutation
  • 1x Candle
  • 1x White Flag
  • 1x Boiling Water
  • 1x Terrified Onion
  • 1x Recycling Machine
  • 1x Cake
  • 2x Head Injury
  • 2x Defective Steroids
  • 2x Energy Bracelet
  • 1x Coupon
  • 1x Injection
  • 3x Alien Tongue
  • 1x Banner
  • 3x Charcoal
  • 3x Toxic Sludge
  • 1x Scared Sausage
  • 1x Snake

With the best Mage build in Brotato, you’ll be winning runs in no time.

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