Mutant Grease in V Rising: How to Get & Use it

V Rising Mutant Grease

With the latest Gloomrot update just released for V Rising, you’re likely wondering how to find and use certain new items, like Mutant Grease. While it may be one of the first new items you come across, you still have to know how to use them! It would be best if you didn’t waste time with so many new and exciting things to learn about. Keep reading to learn how to get and use Mutant Grease in V Rising

Mutant Grease: How to Get it and Use it in V Rising

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Mutant Grease is relatively easy to come by. While it may not seem that way, it is. Much of it involves searching in the right areas and, more so, having the right gear and levels to obtain the items you’re searching for. Before we begin, let’s take a look at some of the requirements that you will be facing below:

Remember that you can obtain Mutant Grease in V Rising without meeting these requirements exactly. It’s all up to the specific player and what their characters are capable of. 

First, we recommend you avoid obtaining Mutant Grease below Level 58. Though, Level 62 would be ideal. To collect Mutant Grease, you must defeat an enemy of the Mutant type. Once you defeat the Mutant, Mutant Grease will fall to the ground, and you can pick it up. We recommend using a Merciless Iron tier weapon. If you can take down a mutant with any lower-tier Iron weapons, that is also fine! Better to be safe than sorry, of course. 

To use Mutant Grease, you must have access to a Tannery. Once that is situated, head to the Tannery and prepare to get crafting. Beforehand, having some Pristine Hides in your inventory would be wise. Once you have several Pristine Hides and Mutant Grease in your inventory, interact with the Tannery. 

You can exchange 20x Pristine Hides and 20x Mutant Grease inside the Tannery. This act will result in 1x Pristine Hide. However, if your Tannery is placed in a Tailor’s Room, the price is 15x Pristine Hides and 15x Mutant Grease. 

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This is everything you need to know about how to get and use Mutant Grease in V Rising. You can find V Rising on Steam.

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