How to Tame Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved

How to Tame Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved

There are loads of exciting dinos in Ark Survival Evolved that you can tame, like the Archaeopteryx, or like some of us like to call them, Micro Raptors. Archaeopteryx is a tricky dino to get your hands on, however. They are fast, tiny, and lethal when the situation demands it. Taming them is no easy feat and requires a trap specific for tiny dinos like the Archaeopteryx. Luckily, we’ve come up with the perfect thing for them! Read more below about how to tame Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved. 

Building a Trap for Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved

Building a Trap to Tame Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Building a trap for this little guy will be pretty straightforward. Gather resources and craft the following structure pieces:

  • 1x Wooden Foundation
  • 3x Wooden Wall
  • 1x Wooden Ramp
  • 1x Wooden Fence

We used wood structure pieces, but you can use anything more substantial than thatch. Now, let’s get to setting up the trap. Set down your Wooden Foundation piece, then place three walls around the back and both sides. Now, at the open side, you will establish a Wooden Ramp going up to the opening so the Archaeopteryx can quickly run up inside it.

Once everything is in place, put the Wooden Face in your hot bar to be ready to use as soon as possible. Start attacking an Archaeopteryx so that it will get scared and begin to run toward your trap. As soon as it is up on the Wooden Foundation, use the Wooden Fence piece to block the gap where the trap is still open, locking the small dino inside.

Taming an Archaeopteryx

What do Archaeopteryx Eat in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Now that you’ve got your Archaeopteryx trapped in Ark Survival Evolved, it’s time to knock it out and tame it. Since the dino is so tiny, it will be relatively easy to knock out. As you can see above, even with a crossbow and tranq arrows, we could quickly knock out a max-level Archaeopteryx. 

Knock Out MethodTranquilizer DartShocking Tranquilizer DartBowCrossbowTek BowCompound BowHarpoon Launcher
Amount if Head Shot1132221
Taming Equipment for a level 150 Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved

Now it’s time to tame your Archaeopteryx, but what do they eat? At first, you would think it would eat meat, but you would be very wrong. The Archaeopteryx eats Chitin. Depending on the platform you play on, there are a few different methods you can use to tame them:

Taming FoodAmount NeededTimeEffectiveness
Simple Kibble for PC or Console32:4099.8% (224)
Pelagornis Kibble for Mobile32:4099.8% (224)
Chitin2011:0788.2% (216)
Taming Calculator for a Level 150 Archaeopteryx in Ark Survival Evolved

You can find Ark Survival Evolved on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Mobile.

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