How to Tame a Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved

How to Tame a Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved

The Dimophodon is an adorable little flying creature you can tame in Ark Survival Evolved. However, the Dimorphodon is more than its tiny body and cute chompers. This mini flying dino can be pretty helpful. Not only is a Dimorphodon great as a battle companion that fights from your shoulder, but it can also harvest resources for you, act as an attack dog (or a whole pack of them), or sit there and look pretty. Below we’ll discuss how to tame a Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved

Taming a Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved

Dimorphodon Trapped in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Taming a Dimorphodon is relatively easy, assuming you have the Movement Speed to keep up with them. Though they are pretty small, a Bola does work on them. When you find a Dimorphodon in the wild, sneak up on it carefully. Since they’re so tiny, missing your target with a Bola can be easy. Get your bola ready and fire!

Dimorphodon Knock Out in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Pull out your taming tool of choice once you’ve got your Dimorphodon immobilized. Below, you can find some possible methods for knocking it out.

Taming MethodAmount NeededAmount Needed if Head Shot
Tranquilizer Dart52
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart31
Tek Bow31
Compound Bow93
Harpoon Launcher42
Level 150 Dimorphodon Knock Out Methods in Ark Survival Evolved
What Does a Dimorphodon Eat in Ark Surv8ival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Now it’s time to feed your new Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved. Dimorphodons, like most flying creatures in the game, eat meat. Below is a table showing the best taming foods for the Dimorphodon. 

FoodAmount NeededTimeEffectiveness
Raw Mutton116:0794.2% (220)
Raw Prime Meat137:1491.7% (218)
Cooked Lamb Chop1910:3383.5% (212)
Cooked Prime Meat2614:2773.2% (204)
Raw Prime Fish Meat328:5464% (197)
Raw Meat3921:4154.8% (191)
Cooked Prime Fish Meat6418:1630.6% (172)
Cooked Meat7721:2423.4% (167)
Raw Fish Meat9626:4116.4% (162)
Cooked Fish Meat19226:414.7% (153)
Taming calculator for a level 150 Dimorphodon in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Mobile devices.

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