How to Go Fishing in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley

Going fishing is one of the more fun things to do in Stardew Valley and one of the most rewarding. Not only can you stockpile loads of food to keep your energy levels up so you can work throughout the day, but you can also catch some fantastic fish worth quite a bit of coin. On your second day at your new farm, you’ll get a letter from Willy, the town fisherman, asking you to head down to the docks. Keep reading to learn how to go fishing in Stardew Valley

Willy in Stardew Valley
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To get to the docks, head out of your farm and to the right, through town, and South in the center. Here, you should see a bridge crossing over a small river. A short cutscene will play on the other side of the bridge, showing you walking up to Willy at the docks.

How to go fishing in Stardew Valley
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When you arrive, Willy will talk to you about how he has finally saved enough money to get a new fishing pole. Though he doesn’t want his old Bamboo Rod to go to waste, he hands it to you and tells you to keep the fishing alive in Stardew Valley. After a short dialogue, you are by yourself with a new fishing rod and have no clue what to do with it. 

First, walk over to the side of the dock and face the water. Use your action button, the same button that you use to clear trees on your farm, and cast your line out into the water. To get the best possible cast, you want the bar that appears to be green. Hold the action button until it is full to change the bar’s color, then release it.

Stardew Valley Fishing mini game
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At this point, you will be waiting for a fish to bite. This could take a bit, but not too long. When it does, you will see an exclamation point over your head. Press your action button immediately, and you will reel in your catch.

Stardew Valley Sardine Fish
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Once the fish is on your line, you must work to reel it in. The idea is to keep the fish within the green bar. You would have to move the bar as the fish moves. To raise the bar, hold down the action button. To lower the bar, release the action button. Once the bar is complete, you will have caught the fish.

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This is all you need to know about how to go fishing in Stardew Valley. Check back for more guides at The Gaming Cavern.

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