How to Get a Wood Hut in Microcivilizaztion

How To Get a Wood Hut in Microcivilization

When you first hop into Microcivilization, you start out with a population of one, and no food or wood huts. You will have to grow your food supply over time, which will cause your population to increase. However, you can’t have a big population without housing for them if you want to keep your civilization happy. You need to focus on gaining housing, which starts with a Wood Hut. Let’s take a look at how to get a Wood Hut in Microcivilization.

How to Get Housing in Microcivilization

Unlock Fire To Get a Wood Hut in Microcivilization
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Housing should be one of your first priorities, next to food. To begin with, you should head into the Knowledge Menu, where you can research new items to build and craft. By default, you will already have Foraging unlocked, which is the first step in the Research Tree. Now, it’s time to unlock Fire.

Fire is a level 2 Research Task. It costs 2 Knowledge to research and takes about one second to complete. Unlocking Fire allows the construction of Wood Hut Housing.

Once you’ve closed out the Knowledge menu, head back to the main game screen. From here, you will see a circle in the center of the bottom of the screen. On the right side, you will see foraging, and on the left side, you’ll see construction. Click the box to the right of that circle to open up the Construction Menu, then select the Hut from the list of options there.

The Wood Hut costs 30 Wood and gives you +7 housing capacity each. Close out of the Construction Menu to begin crafting your Wood Hut in Microcivilization.

The circle in the bottom center portion of the screen will have two halves to it at this point, one that shows a grain symbol, and one that shows a wood symbol. You must press the half with the Wood symbol on it until the crafting bar is full and you have collected at least 30 Wood. This will complete the construction of your Wood Hut in Microcivilization.

Microcivilization Controls Guide

Microcivilization is now available on PC.

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