How to Get a Deinonychus in Ark Survival Evolved

How to get a Deinonychus in Ark Survival Evolved

The Deinonychus is one of the most exciting and fearsome dinosaurs to ride around on in Ark Survival Evolved. However, obtaining a Deinonychus is more complex than knocking one out and feeding it its favorite food. It requires a bit of searching, some collecting, and finally, some heating! You see, a Deinonychus cannot be tamed; it must be hatched from an egg that can be collected from Deinonychus Nests around specific maps. You must be careful, as a Deinonychus can be very protective when its eggs are stolen! Keep reading to learn how to get a Deinonychus in Ark Survival Evolved.

Where to Find Deinonychus in Ark Survival Evolved

Deinonychus Dossier in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Deinonychus is typically found in areas that resemble plains. Look for vast open areas with little tree and rock coverage with relatively flat land. You can find a Deinonychus on these maps:

  • Valguero
  • Fjordur

How to Get Deinonychus

Deinonychus Nest in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Deinonychus, once again, cannot be tamed. You have to raise them from eggs. However, it’s relatively easy to get Deinonychus eggs. Once you find an area where you see Deinonychus spawns, search the surrounding area for Deinonychus nests. Deinonychus Nests will typically have the creators of them surrounding the area and can be identified by their circular shape and bone decorations. Once you find a Deinonychus Nest, there will typically be a fertilized Deinonychus egg inside it. Scoop up the egg quickly and get out of there! When you take the egg, the surrounding Deinonychus will immediately aggro you, so be prepared to fight or run as fast as possible. 

How to Hatch a Deinonychus Egg

Deinonychus Egg in Ark Survival Evolved
Screenshot via The Gaming Cavern

Hatching a Deinonychus Egg is very similar to hatching a Wyvern egg. It takes extreme heat that you can’t get from using a couple of campfires or air conditioners. You will need a minimum of 15 campfires and a whole bunch of wood. We suggest 20-25 campfires, just to be safe. It takes quite a while to hatch a Deinonychus egg, so we typically farm the Deinonychus Nests around a particular area for a bit before we take 10-15 eggs to our campfire ring to hatch them all simultaneously. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours for them to hatch, depending on your server’s hatching time. After your Deinonychus has finally hatched, be sure to have a supply of raw meat on hand to feed it while it matures! 

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