Grounded: 11 Map Locations Worthy of Exploring, Ranked

Grounded: 11 Map Locations Worthy of Exploring, Ranked

Obsidian Entertainment is one of our favorite developer studios simply because of their awesome attention to detail and ability to create an amazing game world. Though Grounded was only Obsidian’s first release since working with Xbox and Microsoft, the game wowed so many fans, even in its Early Access phase. Grounded is a game centered around the idea that you’ve been shrunk down to the size of an ant and have to journey through your backyard. Though the backyard is filled with horrifying insects and arachnids, all traveling around gorgeous map points of interest that will leave you in awe. Keep reading below to learn about the 11 most beautiful map locations in Grounded that are worthy of exploring.

11. Haze Lab

Grounded Map Location Haze Lab
Screenshot via Grounded Wiki

Make sure you have a gas mask handy before heading in here to explore!

10. Ant Genocide Cave

Grounded Map Location Ant Genocide Cave
Screenshot via Blitz (YouTube)

This is easily one of the creepiest places you can find in Grounded. You can find a recipe for Ant Totems here.

9. 4-Leaf Clover

Grounded Map Location 4 Leaf Clover
Screenshot via Daily Motion

This is the only 4-leaf clover in the game. However, it is underwater. But, you can interact with it for a surprise.

8. Mint Case

Grounded Map Location Mint Case
Screenshot via Screen Rant

This one’s pretty cool. You can actually open the mint case and harvest some mint for yourself, which will eventually b e used to craft the strongest weapons in Grounded.

7. Berry Forest

Grounded Map Location Berry Forest
Screenshot via Gamer Tweak

This point of interest is one of the only places throughout the game where you can harvest berries for their berry leather. However, it is home to some of the most dangerous bug and spiders in Grounded.

6. Garden Spade

Grounded Map Location Garden Spade
Screenshot via Attack of the Fanboy

The Garden Spade itself has little significance. However, below the spade you can find an anthill that can be explored. Here you will even fight a boss and unlock more cool gear for yourself.

5. Juice Boxes

Grounded Map Location Juice Boxes
Screenshot via IGN

As you journey through the backyard in Grounded, you’ll find random water bottles and juice boxes. They are insanely useful, as they give you clean source of drinking water.

4. Spider Fences

Grounded Map Location Spider Fences
Screenshot via Dot Esports

As you explore, you will come across random wooden posts in the ground, between which Spiders will spawn and build their webs.

3. The Koi Pond

Grounded Map Location Koi Pond
Screenshot via Game Spot

The Koi Pond is one of Grounded‘s coolest underwater points of interest where you can even find some super useful and rare resources, like Sunken Bones.

2. Battletoads Statue

Grounded Map Location Battletoads Statue
Screenshot via Easter egg Archive (YouTube)

The statue is one of the best places in-game to collect loads of clay for crafting, and is quire a sight to see as well!

1.The Oak Tree

Grounded Map Location Oak Tree
Screenshot via CrypticFox (YouTube)

This is probably the coolest place in Grounded. This is the main place you can find Acorns, it sits above the lab, and it even houses the terrifying Wolf Spiders!

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