The Sims 4: Painting Skill Guide

Painting Skill Guide in The Sims 4

If you enjoy having a creative Sim in The Sims 4, then the Painting Skill is excellent! The Painting Skill allows you to create paintings to sell to collectors and art galleries while increasing your painting ability. You can make loads of extra Simoleons on the side with an increased or max-level Painting Skill. Read below to learn everything there is to know about The Sims 4 Painting Skill. 

How to Level up the Painting Skill in The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Painting Skill Guide
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Before you begin your painting journey, purchase an easel from Build Mode and place it on your lot somewhere. You will have to buy the E.A.S.L. Easel first. This easel only offers a little for painting quality, so it’s also a great idea to get started in the Painter Career. As you make your way through the ranks as a Painter, better easels will unlock in Build Mode. 

Painting Skill Unlocks

  • Level 2
    • Discuss Color Theory
  • Level 3
    • Create low-quality Pop Art paintings
    • Create “Paint From Reference” paintings
  • Level 4
    • Create low-quality Realism paintings
    • Create low-quality Abstract paintings
    • Create medium-quality Classic paintings
  • Level 5
    • Create low-quality Surrealism paintings
    • Create low-quality Impressionistic paintings
    • Create medium-quality Pop Art paintings
  • Level 6
    • Create high-quality Classic paintings
    • Create medium-quality Abstract paintings
    • Create medium-quality Realism paintings
  • Level 7
    • Create high-quality Pop Art paintings
    • Create medium-quality Surrealism paintings
    • Create medium-quality Impressionistic paintings
  • Level 8
    • Create high-quality Realism paintings
    • Create high-quality Abstract paintings
    • Describe Aesthetics with other Sims
  • Level 9
    • Create high-quality Surrealism paintings
    • Create high-quality Impressionistic paintings
  • Level 10
    • Mentor Sims in Painting
    • Increased Masterpiece odds

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