Disney Dreamlight Vally: How to Make Seafood Salad

Disney Dreamlight Valley combines the fun of growing and maintaining a virtual life along with the fun of adventure and exploration all in one. It is your job to save all the characters from the Forgetting. You will need to finish each Character’s quest to unlock items in the game. Enjoy fishing, gardening, cooking and more. One of the quests that you will need to finish is the Moana friendship quest. In this quest you will need to make seafood dishes for Maui to help cheer him up. One of the meals Maui is given is the seafood salad.

Where to Find Seafood Salad Ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can purchase lettuce seeds from Goofy in the Peaceful Meadow. I recommend growing the lettuce instead of just purchasing it. Though if you don’t want to wait for the lettuce, you can simply buy the lettuce.

Another ingredient you will need is seafood. For the seafood you can not use fish. You will need to use your fishing pole to catch shellfish. There are a couple of areas to find shellfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Lobsters can be caught at the Glade of Trust biome and also fished up at Dazzle Beach. If you chose to fish for Lobster at the Glade of Trust try fishing in the golden circles in the water. You have a greater chance of catching Lobster there in these areas. You can gather up scallops and clams along Dazzle Beach. Also at Dazzle Beach you can go fishing to catch shrimp.

How to Make Seafood Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In order to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley you need to use a stove. You can cook on a stove in any house. This is a simple 2-Star meal that will restore Energy 570. Everything you do uses energy in Dreamlight Valley whether it is gardening, fishing, mining or more. The easiest and fastest way to regain your energy is to cook recipes to eat.

Lettuce + Shellfish = Seafood Salad

After you have gathered lettuce and collected shellfish you can make your Seafood Salad from any stove. Simply add the lettuce and shellfish to the pot and cook it.

The salads can be sold at Goofy’s Stall for 335 Star Coins each. So make sure you have enough lettuce and shellfish to make a few Seafood Salads to eat or sell.

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