Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Slush Ice

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a fun Sim-life and adventure game all rolled into one. You will enjoy fishing, gardening, mining, cooking and more! You can work on and complete Friendship Quests to unlock different items. Meet and help your favorite new and old Disney / Pixar friends.

Everything you do uses energy in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can eat raw foods for energy or cook to restore larger amounts of energy. Cooking can be done on any stove in a house or in the Chez Remy Restaurant.

Before you can start looking for the ingredients to make Slush Ice you will need to be able to get to the Frosted Heights and the Sunlit Plateau area. You will also need to unlock Wall-E and have him in the Valley. Now you are ready to unlock the Chez Remy Restaurant biome.

From the Chez Remy Restaurant you can work on quests for Remy. Once you reach friendship level 10 you will be able to start The Unknown Flavor Quest. The Unknown Flavor Quest is Remy’s last Quest where you will be sent to Merlin to find notes on making purified night shard powder.

How to Make Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You will need to use your crafting table to take 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shards to craft Purified Night Shards. Remember you will need to do this three times. Ask Wall-E to help you make powder from the Purified Night Shards.

After you have your Purified Night Shards powder, go to Frosted Heights and dig up or break the ice to collect 15 snowballs.

Take the 15 snowballs and the Purified Night Shard Powder to the crafting table and craft the Slush Ice.

How to Finish Remy’s Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you have crafted the Slush Ice, return to Remy and he will give you a recipe to make Vanilla Ice Cream. You can purchase the sugarcane from Goofy’s Stall at Dazzle Beach and the vanilla can be harvested in the Sunlit Plateau area.

Once you have finished the last quest for Remy, you can now purchase Slush Ice from Remy’s Pantry. Slush Ice is used in many different deserts. Follow recipes or experiment to come up with new deserts!

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