BitLife: How to Complete the Snake in the Grass Challenge

It’s finally that time again when BitLife releases yet another weekly challenge! This week, our focus is on the BitLife Snake in the Grass challenge. This challenge introduces some interesting focuses. Through 4 tasks, you will be working with marriage, trust, and betrayal, though, you’ll find that this challenge takes you on a strange journey! You’ll be doing things that may even seem wrong, but it’s worth it for the mystery reward at the end, right? You only have 4 days to finish it! So, use this article to get started right away! Keep reading below to learn how to complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass challenge!

BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge Tasks

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  • Be Born a Male
  • Become a Marriage Counselor
  • Make an Ex Divorce Their Spouse
  • Seduce a Married Coworker

Now, these tasks may seem a bit tricky, especially the ones where you have to influence other people’s marriages. Don’t worry, though, because you’ll be a marriage counselor! You’ll have more influence than you think! Now, keep reading to learn how to complete each task below.

How to Complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass Challenge

  1. Be Born a Male
    1. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You can either start out as a new male character, or you can use a character that you already have.
    2. However, if you are using a pre-existing character, note that the character should still be in school, as it’ll be easier to complete the following tasks if you start out younger.
  2. Become a Marriage Counselor
    1. This task requires a little more effort than the first and is the reason you need a younger character.
    2. You’ll want to make sure you do well in school. Study, read, whatever you need to. Just keep your grades up, and when it’s time to graduate, apply for University under a Psychology Major!
    3. If you do well in University, finding yourself a Marriage Counselor job will be rather easy.
    4. Just check the job boards until you find the job you need, and the task will be finished, and you’ll be one step closer to completing BitLife‘s Snake in the Grass Challenge!
  3. Make an Ex Divorce Their Spouse
    1. This one requires you to have been in a relationship or married before. However, in most cases, you would have been through this on your journey through college and high school.
    2. Look through your relationships, navigate to Exes, and check each one until you find one that is married at the moment. Once you do, strike up a conversation with them! Compliment your way to victory, and convince her to leave her husband for you!
  4. Seduce a Married Coworker
    1. This tasks works similar to the previous task. Search through your list of coworkers until you find one that is married.
    2. Now, do what you did with your ex and get to complimenting! Pretty soon, you should be able to sleep with her, regardless of her marriage, and complete the BitLife Snake in the Grass challenge!

Hopefully, these steps will help you through the challenge and get you to that mystery reward at completion! Be sure to check back next week for the next weekly BitLife challenge guide!

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